October Honeymoon Ideas – October Honeymoon Destinations

If you are looking for a future destination for your honeymoon scheduled for October, here are my picks for the 3 best honeymoon destinations in the month and the sun!
For those who are hesitant to prepare the trip yourself, you will find that you do not need an agent to organize the trip. Dream honeymoon. Routes, prices, and formalities…here are our tips for preparing for a beach honeymoon in a paradise and sunny destination in October.

Honeymoon Ideas for October – Destination Types

Because your honeymoon has to be in a postcard setting, because your honeymoon has to rhyme with the sun, lagoons, coconut trees, exotics, fine sand, and turquoise waters, we’ve only selected the most favorable destinations for October. These are very sunny places in October and the temperatures are just right for a seaside holiday. Romance!

Unlike tourist routes, honeymoons take place most of the time in luxury hotels or secluded accommodations in stunning settings.

picture for Santorini, Greece
With breathtaking views from the towering town, Santorini, Greece is one of the most romantic places to spend your honeymoon. Gorilla Image/Shutterstock.com

As a result, the newlyweds can completely escape their daily life and relax under the stress of preparing for their wedding.

Below is a selection of destinations for honeymoons in October that give newlyweds the opportunity to come together in complete privacy, sunbathe on magnificent sandy beaches, swim in turquoise crystal clear waters, and explore underwater flora and fauna.

Also, reserve special moments and romance in extraordinary surroundings!

Honeymoon Organizing

Because with the Internet these days, nothing is easier than organizing a trip around the world, here are some tips so you can plan your September honeymoon as best you can. Next.

Honeymoon in October – when are you ready to stay?

First of all, don’t wait until September to book flights and hotels for September! In fact, the sooner the better when planning your honeymoon.

This way, you can get better prices on air tickets and hotels. Once the exact travel dates have been determined, it is imperative to start comparing fares online for the month of March.

In fact, depending on the company and the date is chosen, the price of a flight can go from simply doubling to twice the price.

You can use the comparator on Skyscanner so you can log price alerts for specific destinations and dates.

 Then, you should book your hotel quickly (see below for advice). If you take your honeymoon early enough (2 to 4 months ago), the preparation is less important, and it will bring several obvious benefits:

  • much lower budgets than specialized agencies;
  • The possibility of a truly tailored honeymoon by choosing exactly what you want;
  • Avoid the drawbacks of mass tourism (large standardized hotels, hordes of other honeymoon couples, crowded beaches or cafeterias, etc.).

Honeymoon in October – how long to go?

To get the most out of your stay, have time to get away from it all, completely forget about your daily life, and explore your surroundings…it’s best to leave for at least 2 weeks in October.

However, if you have a smaller budget, it is better to spend a shorter time, but enjoy an extraordinary journey of 7 or 8 days instead of October and that will only keep him there…

Honeymoon Ideas for October – Plan a Budget

The travel budget in September is not as important as the month of July, or even the month of March. In fact, October is not part of the school holidays, so it is good for small budgets. However, the cost of a honeymoon in October will depend on a few other points:

  • Destination selection (Asian countries are preferred as they are cheaper and exotic and heavenly)
  • Choose dates that will affect flight prices (avoid departures on weekends, public holidays, etc.),
  • book accommodation,
  • Choose from a restaurant or an all-inclusive package,
  • choose the dwell time,
  • Options for excursions and leisure activities are available on-site.

So it’s up to you to decide if your budget allows you to leave in October and choose your destination and travel time accordingly.

Regarding hotels, if you go through the booking site, you only pay when you arrive at the hotel, so only in September.

This is a good trick because, by October, you’ll no doubt have amassed an extra budget made up of the generosity of your wedding guests… which you can use to cover the cost of on-site lodging.

10 Best Honeymoon Spots – Romantic Cities for Couples

picture for Venice, Italy
Built on 100 small islands in the lagoon, enice is a honeymoon paradise and one of the most romantic honeymoon locations.

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